Privacy Policy

We have spent a lot of time and effort putting the website and its associated blog together and we do hope that you have a pleasant visit and find all of the information you are seeking. However, as with all websites that you can visit online we do have a very strict privacy policy in force on this website and below you will find full details on it.

Using Your Information – Please take as much time as you like looking around our website and digesting the information contained within it! You will find that you may have the option of signing up to our newsletter or you may be given the opportunity of signing up to our site to leave comments and posts on the blog.

If you do so, then any information that you have chosen to supply with us is going to be stored securely and at no time now or in the future will it be passed on or sold onto any third party without you giving us your permission to do so.

Cookies –We would just like to draw to your attention that we do use cookies on our website, and each time you visit this website an updated cookie will then be placed onto your computer via your web browser.

You are freely able to remove that cookie at any time of your own choosing, and the purpose of us placing it onto your computer is so that we can offer you much more tailored and relevant information based on your previous visit.

Third Party Websites – There will be many other websites that you may be interested in visiting, and based on which part of the website you visit we will showcase to you some additional websites and links to those sites. Please be advised however that we cannot be held responsible for any content you may find on any third party website we may have linked to from this website.