Managing Your Time

One important aspect to student life is of course being able to manage your time to the fullest. Whilst you will need to spend time studying part of your student life will be socialising, and getting the correct mix is something that you are going to have to master.

Make sure that you do not become something of a hermit in your first few weeks of life away from home for the first time for you will need to have a way of letting your hair down occasionally and you will certainly have plenty of ways of doing just that as a student.

The weekend is when you will find you have the most spare-time and whilst going out on thetown is what many students like doing, and whilst there is nothing wrong with doing that never forget that there are a range of other activities that you can get actively involved in.

If you are into sports then you will find all manner of different teams sports and activities available to you, and if you have any special interests then there will be plenty of those available to you no matter what your states.

However, do keep in mind your budget, as it is all too easy to overspend or live beyond your means, and that is why we would suggest you land a weekly spending limit and try to stick to it, leaving enough spare funds for you to occasionally go out and party.

Many students will use the time they have available at the weekend to perform a part time job, and if that is something you are interested in doing then make sure you plan ahead, for there will of course be lots of competition during term time for any part time jobs in the local area, however you are going to be twice as better off working if you can do rather than spending by going out all foot the time.

If at any time you need help or support or just general advice, then you always have a huge range of help and support services at your disposal as a strand so never be afraid of asking for help if you require it as people and organisations have been set up to support students and any type of problems they have.

Ifyou are gay, then you are going to find averactive LGBT scene at all collegesanduniversities and there will often be plenty of special activates for you to take part in if you fancy meeting other gay or lesbian students.

One thing you may be invested in doing if you would rather not do things in your spare time that involve spending money is to do some volunteering work in your local area, you will find charities and organisations are always inrested in getting new people on board to help with a range of different activates on a voluntary basis, so do look into the possibility of doing just that.

In fact, it maybe beneficial for you to look at volunteering for some for or activity that is related to what you are studying for, and that can only help you get hands on training in regards to your future career. Take for example if you are studying for a medical career then St John’s Ambulance Brigade are always looking for volunteers, and a lot of the activates they are involved with take place over the weekend.

Take a look around our website for we have lots of other practical advice in regards to what you can do with your spare time, doing something you enjoy which is not always partying or drinking!